PRIVACY POLICY according to the art. 13 of the UE REGULATIONS 679/16

The current notice is provided by ITALIAN BLUE GROWTH SRL, henceforth “Title Holder”, in accordance with the UE Regulations 2016/679 (hereafter “GDPR”).

  1. Identity and contact Data of The Title Holder; the Title Holder is: ITALIAN BLUE GROWTH SRL. The registered head office is in Via Nicolò Fieschi, 19123 La Spezia (SP) – VAT account number: 01469820110 – tel.0187/ 1868356 – PEC: – e-mail:

    Being the Title Holder settled in the Italian territory, no legal representative has been appointed.

    External Person in Charge for processing data is METODO SRL UNIPERSONALE – the registered head office is in Piazza Paita 1 – 19124 La Spezia (SP) - VAT account number: 00691270458, as a manager of the website, that is to say, the External Person in Charge about data processing, within the given limits, and for the management of the website.

  2. Objectives of the collected Data: The Title Holder of the processing obtains personal data concerning Your person in connection with the following purposes:
    1. For the Registration at SEAFUTURE 2023 Event and the management of the related activities (i.e. sending communications regarding the organisational aspects of the event itself. You will be required the data below:
      City; surname; address; email; nation; house/street number; tel. number; bank account; copy of identity card.

    2. For fiscal, accounting and fulfilment of legal obligations:

    3. For the management of the access badges of the authorized participants and their own vehicles to the Military areas destined to host SEAFUTURE 2023 Event. You will be required the data stated below in order to be communicated to the Competent Authorities for the issue of the relative authorisation: identifiable data of the vehicle; copy of documents related to the vehicle, copy of identity card.

    4. To supply personalised services such as the sending of periodic newletters and communications or invitations to the events, organized by the Title Holder, and considered as a matter of interest.You will be required the following data: email; information regarding Your course of studies and professional path.

    5. For the informational and promotional purposes of the activities connected with the Event: During the course of the Event it might be taken - on behalf of the Title Holder of the data processing by expressly authorized subjects – photos, for the purpose of promoting the event itself in the sector of the activities, regarding the same strictly, aimed at being placed in paper materials or on websites (i.e. the website of The Title Holder, brochures, social networks etc.).Such photos, which might indirectly portray you – intended as contextualized images and material gathered in the course of the Event - will be utilized by The Title Holder for the promotional purposes strictly relevant to it on the basis of their own legitimate interest (cf. Considering 47 GDPR), hence your consent to the record of processing images – in accordance with this paragraph – is an indispensable condition to register for and take part in the event.

  3. Procedures for consenting to process personal data: the consent may be given by means of specific flagboxes. Whole details about each typology of the collected data are provided by specific informative texts which must be visualized before collecting the data themselves.

    If not differently specified, all the Data required are compulsory. If the User refuses to communicate them, it might be impossible for this site to supply the required Service.
    Under the circumstances that this Website states some Data may be optional, Users are free to abstain from communicating such information, without compromising the availability of the Service or its effectiveness. Users having doubts about which Data may be considered compulsory, are encouraged to contact The Title Holder.

  4. Option of the consent and consequences of the missed consent: : in regard to the personal data processed and stored for the aims stated at items a) b) c) e) number 2 of the present information notice, the communication of personal data is compulsory for the registration activity and participation in the Event. The interested party has the faculty to provide their personal information; under the circumstance of missed communication of the aforementioned data, however, it will not be possible to participate in the SEAFUTURE 2023 Event. In regard to the personal data which are processed for the aims stated at item d) number 2 of the present information notice, there is the faculty to give Your personal data. Under the circumstance of missed communication of such data, however, it will not be possible to take the advantage of the personalised service for receiving newsletters and periodic communications or invitations to the events supposed of importance, organised by The Title Holder.

  5. Processing Procedures:The Title Holder adopts the opportune safety measures to prohibit the access, the disclosure, the alterations or even the destruction which has not been authorized of Your Personal Data.
    Processing is performed by means of information - technology or telematic instruments, thanks to organisational procedures and strategies strictly connected to the procedures specified above. Besides the Title Holder, in some cases, Your information may be shared with, and used by, a number of parties involved in the organisation of this Website (administrative personnel, lawyers, system administrators; or a number of external parties (such as third parties supplying technical services, hosting providers, computer companies, news agencies) appointed also, if needed, Responsible for processing on behalf of The Title Holder. The update list of the managers can be required to The Title Holder of the Process.

  6. Computerized Decision-Making Procedure and Profiling:: if it happens You give Your own consent to the process of personal data in order to benefit from personalised services thanks to profiling, the same may be subject to a computerized decisional process, by a specific algorithm that will be able to decide which communications might interest you most. Such treatment has as consequences, for example, sending emails and periodic communications or invitations to events supposed of importance, organised by The Title Holder.
    The party concerned has, in any case, the right to obtain the human intervention during the decision-making process intended by The Title Holder, to express their opinion, to obtain an explanation for the taken decision and to contest the decision itself.

  7. Beneficiaries and prospective categories of beneficiaries of personal data:the data might be processed by internal Authorised staff (Employees, Collaborators) and/ or external Resources appointed also, if necessary, as Responsible for Processing; (Your data may be shared with external parties for the purposes concerning fiscal, accounting, contractual fulfilment, for computer assistance and marketing advice). The up-to-date list of the subjects that may be informed about data can be consulted in the registered head office of The Title Holder. Information about You will not be spread.

  8. Terms for the retention of documents: personal data and relevant information about You, dealt with and stored for the purposes stated at point a) number 2 (Registration) are processed and stored for the time strictly necessary to the organisation and the accomplishment of the SEAFUTURE 2023 Event.
    The personal data dealt with and stored for the purposes at point b) number 2 (fulfilment of Your tax, accounting and law obligations, to the extent required or permitted by law) are processed and stored up to a maximum of 10 years.
    The personal data dealt with and stored for the purposes at point c) number 2 of the present information notice (aim of determination of preference) are processed and stored up to a maximum of 24 months starting from data collection.
    Your photo images will be held by The Title Holder, in relation to the purposes stated at point e) of this Privacy Policy, for a period of two years.

  9. Transfer of personal data: The Title Holder does not transfer personal data to third countries, however, they intend considering the possibility to use services in cloud and, in that case, the service providers will be selected among those who can give adequate guarantees, to the extent required by art. 46 GDPR 2016/679.

  10. Rights of the User

    Users can exercise rights which are established in reference to the Data processed by The Title Holder.
    In particular, the User has the right to:

    • To withdrawtheir consent at any time. The User can withdraw the consent to process their Data, previously expressed.

    • Not to give their consent consent to the process of their personal Data whenever it takes place on a legal basis which is different from the consent. Further details about the right to oppose are pointed at in the section below.

    • To access their Data.The user has the right to obtain information on the processed Data by The Title Holder, about specific aspects of the treatment and receive a copy of the processed Data.

    • To verify and ask for for the rectification. The user can verify the accuracy of their own Data and ask for updating or to introduce amendments.

    • To obtain the limitation of the treatment. In certain circumstances, the User may ask for the limitation of their own Data processing. In that case, the Title Holder will process the Data only for its storage.

    • To obtain the cancellation or the removal of their own personal Data by The Title Holder.

    • To receive their own Data or transfer them to another Title Holder. The User has the right to receive their own Data in an arranged format, commonly used and legible from an automatic device and, where it is technically feasible, to obtain the transfer, without any impediments, to another Title Holder. This instruction / regulation is applicable when the Data are processed by means of computerized instruments and processing is based on the UE consent, on an agreement of which the User is a part or on contract conditions connected with them.

    • To Handle Your claims: The User can complain against the authorities controlling personal data security system and that have the competence to sit in judgement.

    • How to exercise a right
      In order to exercise the Rights of Users, Users can submit a claim to the contact details of the Title Holder, which are specified in this document.

The Italian version of this document represents the original. Any other version is provided as translation. In the event of conflict between the two versions, the Italian will prevail.